The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first version of a software product. Released to a private invite-only beta list, this real software validates the Critical Path of the product through actual customer payment and use.


  • This is only the start of the lean startup process
  • Expect rough edges and "not now" features
  • Focus on customers willing to invest time
  • We're just now finding actual product/market fit

Goals & Deliverables

  • A Production-Ready Minimum Viable Product
  • Ready for Beta Testers or Early Adopters
  • 1 Critical Path for customer success
  • An app that covers a single value proposition
  • A product worth customer payment

Our Process

  • Establish Rhythm
  • Focus Goals
  • Architect Solution
  • Develop and Deliver
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Release to Production
  • Realize Impact