From idea to growth, Vaporware's services will get that idea out of your head and into the hands of customers in record time.

The Idea

Your masterful idea.
Follow our process and use our services to reach success with minimal failure.

  • Plan

    1 to 3 Days 2 Designers

    A 3-phase exercise which uses design thinking to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing products to market. Participating in this process orients the entire team and aligns their efforts at hitting clearly defined goals.

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  • Plan Deliverables

    • Domain Glossary
    • Assumptions & Validation Table
    • User Critical Path
    • The Prototype Storyboard
    • Success Metrics
    • Back Burner
  • Prototype

    1 to 2 Weeks 1 to 2 Designers

    The UI/UX design and user testing of a new business idea, which results in evidence driven documentation used for development of a new product or feature, greatly reducing risk of new product development.

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  • Prototype Deliverables

    • Hi-fi Interactive Prototype
    • User Testing Plan
    • Consolidated Testing Feedback
    • Prototype Iteration
    • Development Reference Design
  • Produce

    1 to 3 Months 1 to 4 Developers

    The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the first release of a software product. Taken to a invite-only beta list, this release validates the Critical Path of the product through customer payment and use.

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  • Produce Deliverables

    • A Production-Ready Minimum Viable Product
    • Ready for Beta Testers or Early Adopters
    • 1 Critical Path for customer success
    • An app that covers a single value proposition
    • A product worth customer payment


A company ready to acquire customers
or gain outside investment.