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We're a small, passionate team of experts helping clients scale their companies exponentially.


Ross Anderson

Product Manager

Focused on helping companies improve their processes, Ross has worked with different industries to diagram out their problems and design software to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce redundancies, and improve overall productivity. Ross knows that communication is key to a successful project and partnership. He listens to client questions and anticipates others they might ask to provide complete answers which build confidence in the product and the team. When not on the clock, Ross enjoys travel, video games and brewing beer under the California sun.


Philip Lester

Design Lead

A passionate product designer with over 17 years in the industry, Philip serves as Vaporware’s design lead on all things User Interface and User Experience. When not designing, you'll find him drinking Bulletproof coffee, learning about Austrian economics, studying the bible, and playing outside with his 2 kids in Raleigh, NC.


Jeff Schroeder

Co-founder, Development Lead

Jeff has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and is a self taught web developer with over 15 years of full-stack experience. Specializing in implementation of pixel-perfect designs, he embodies a balance of timeliness and quality. Outside of Vaporware Jeff enjoys sports and time with his wife and two children.


Dan Moore

Co-founder, Product Lead

A Georgia Tech graduate, Dan is a trained computer scientist who meticulously crafts ideas into scalable products. One for over-communication and a compulsive attention to detail, he coordinates Vaporware’s relationships with clients and partners, leads all product management, and still contributes quite a bit of code and design. Besides work he enjoys road cycling, board games, spending time with his son and wife, and hacking the latest gadgets.

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Shelly Ryder

Marketing Lead

Shelly brings over 20 years' experience in "full stack" marketing, specializing in small to mid-size B2B companies. In addition to marketing communications expertise, Shelly is very customer focused. Case studies are one of her favorite projects…especially when they provide extra exposure (and free advertising!) for the customer. Outside of work, Shelly volunteers her time mentoring, supporting animal rescue and adoption, and enjoying rural life with her husband and pets.


Cullin Moran

Frontend Developer

Cullin is a front-end programmer with a passion for delivering pixel-perfect implementations and a great user experience. A background in rapid prototyping and modern JavaScript means he can quickly deliver high-quality, maintainable code for web applications. Outside of work, he enjoys practicing drawing, playing video games, and going hiking with his dog.

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The Vaporware team has provided opportunity to explore new technologies, and continue my growth as a developer.

Tim Upchurch
Software Developer, Vaporware