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Dan Moore

Product Lead

A Georgia Tech grad, Dan is a computer scientist who meticulously transforms ideas into market-ready products. With a focus on customer-centric and data-driven product development, he coordinates Vaporware's lean product design and development. Outside of work he enjoys road cycling, video games, and international travel.

Jeff Schroeder

Development Lead

Jeff has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and is a self taught web developer with over 15 years of full-stack experience. Specializing in implementation of pixel-perfect designs, he embodies a balance of timeliness and quality. Outside of Vaporware, Jeff enjoys staying active and spending time with his wife and two children.

Philip Lester

Design Lead

A passionate product designer with over 17 years in the industry, Philip delivers compelling user experiences with beautiful user interfaces. When not designing, you'll find him drinking Bulletproof coffee, learning about Austrian economics, studying the bible, and playing outside with his two kids in Raleigh, NC.

Tim Upchurch

Full-Stack Developer

Tim is a trained designer turned front-end developer and coding instructor. Specializing in front-end details, Tim provides excellent development, testing, and support. Having an insatiable curiosity, Tim is eager to approach new technology and is excited about the continual evolution of the web. Offline, Tim enjoys every aspect of North Carolina's beautiful and diverse landscape - hiking and skiing while in the mountains, surfing and fishing at the coast.

MacKenzie Smith

Marketing Intern

A current NC State student, MacKenzie is passionate about telling people great things about new products.